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Manchester Library Trail Beginnings

Manchester Library trail was imagined up in late 2020. After setting up Burnage Little Free Library in August 2020, two other little libraries, Withington Hutch Little Library, and Levenshulme Little Library also got started and a trail for South Manchester was envisioned. The initial idea was that it was a great way for people to find little libraries and to walk between their local libraries. Of course we were in the middle of the pandemic and one of the only pleasures was a daily walk. By the following October it was clear that people in Greater Manchester also wanted to join us and we expanded. The little libraries are now many and varied, from fair weather boxes that are brought in and out of peoples homes or businesses just when the sun shines, to made to measure large outdoor libraries. We also welcome cafes and community spaces to set up in door book swaps as part of our commitment to books without barriers.

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